Blue Jam Session Review

The Divine Soul Blueprint 
6 Month Consorting Session

Why The Divine Soul Blueprint?

As you know, no two people are the same.

We are each molded and influenced by our experiences, upbringing, cultural values, and our familial code. We are nurtured within a framework of morals and expectations, and as we enter into adulthood we either adopt those values as our own or operate within those created by our experiences and the opinions of our peers or the voice of the collective. 

Each Soul is an unique individuated extension of The Divine, the force that creates worlds. And because we are so vast, within the divinely created tapestry that is life, we get to experience and express however we choose.

​​​​​​​                                                 Who Are you at Soul Level?

Here you will engage with and tap into your uniqueness by understanding who you are at the level of The Soul.

You will be able to interact with the world around you as it is congruent to your Souls Divinity.

In engaging with the world around you, as it is congruent to your uniqueness, you will be able to manifest more of those things you desire with greater ease and an unexplanable power that lie dormant until accessed.

Operating incongruently to who you are at Soul Level causes you to have to work harder and push more to accomplish your Soul inspired desires. Causing you to exert more energy to receive all that is yours to attain. 

Hi, I am Kimtrece Ceasar your Soothsayer and Transcendence Coach who will assist you in realigning to who you are at Soul level, so that you understand your uniqueness and what it takes for you to achieve those things you desire.



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 ...coming into an awareness of my blueprint has been so precious. 

A remembering of what I've hidden from myself.

Living in this world where I have made myself feel as if I must follow the rules and order or I will be destroyed.

oh oh oh, but the Truth is that I came to destroy the order and be a representative of Divine Order."

~ Carmen M.

Knowing who you are at the level of the Soul, how you are Divinely created, allows you to create more of the experiences you desire through congruent and aligned action.

Actively engaging with the tools I will provide you in clearing your blocks and restrictions, that are revealed through the Akashic Records, provides a clear path to your goals. 

The Divine Soul Blueprint Session Includes:

 *Additional Akashic Records Readings open up AFTER The Divine Soul Blueprint Session*

placeholder image     Divine Gifts Reading (highlights the aspects of your Divine Gifts, which enables you to create and receive abundance effortlessly. To include the functional and dysfunctional aspects.)

placeholder image    Soul Group Reading (includes your Soul Tribe characterisitics, which provides clarification as to why you engage with the world around you in the way that you do, and those negative aspects.)

placeholder image     Soul Profile Reading ( how congruent to your Divine self expression you are currently and an introduction to your Guides/ Guardians.)

placeholder image     Blocks and Restrictions Reading (provides insight on where you are not congruent to your Divine self expression and highlights current choices that negatively impact your desired experience.) * Note… this may be lengthy depending on how much healing the soul is ready for.

placeholder image     Soul Story Reading (as it relates to where some of the blocks and restrictions originated, the root cause, how many lifetimes ago, and some basic information as it relates to negative restrictions.)

placeholder image     Clearing Session (which includes a 21 day course of action plan to engage the subconscious mind in the energetic clearing work.)

placeholder image    A 1.5 to 2 hour coaching session to deliver the readings and discuss with you how to flow forward in achieving your goal(s) within the next 3 months.

placeholder image    1 hour coaching sessions every month 30 days after your initial session to assess your progress and to initiate any supplemetal coarse of action to include the specifics from the Bonuses requested.

Total Value $1745.70

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This Session is for you if you:

placeholder image ...want to receive clear guidance from a Soothsayer

placeholder image ... are READY to create the life you deserve

placeholder image ...want to know your purpose/ Soul Specialization

placeholder image ...want to attract MORE abundance in your life

placeholder image ...want to understand why you respond and engage with others in the way you do

placeholder image ...want to live as You divinely intended

placeholder image ...are READY for a new beginning

placeholder image ...are ready to clear away NEGATIVE energy that is currently present in your experience

placeholder image ...are ready for wholeness


Your choice of three

placeholder image     Life Lessons/ Life Theme Reading (Defines the experience(s) The Soul is choosing to examine at this time and in which life areas)

placeholder image     Relationship Reading (Provides clarity about the energetic ties or the main life lesson of you and another person. *Does not have to be an intimate partner) 

placeholder image     Relationship the Future (Provides clarity about a desired goal and EXACTLY what you need to do in order to attain that goal and how long it will take to reach the desired outcome)

placeholder image     Situation Reading (Looks into why you are experiencing a set of less than desired situations and what you need to do in order to transmute that energy)

placeholder image     Spirit Guide Coaching (Where you learn how to listen to your own Spirit Guide team and how to communicate with them in a way that you are able to understand and receive clear insight.) 

placeholder image      Transitioned Loved One Blessing (facillitating the clear passage of your loved ones from this plane to another. Providing you with closure and emotional support while gifting your loved one with a clear energetic field to reincarnate without past life blocks and restrictions.) 

placeholder image     Property Clearing (Clears all less than vibrations from the property your name is on in order to provide an energetic supportive living environment for you and your family.) 

placeholder image     Divine Soul Blueprint Reading for your child(ren) or Spouse (includes only the Divine Gifts and Soul Group Reading)
** limit to 2 persons


placeholder image A follow up coaching session (1 hour) in order to discuss what you are experiencing, how to flow forward, and if we desire to continue working together as you expand and experience abundance.

The space we will share is unique and filled with Divine Oneness, and because I value my connections, I am only allowing space for a limited number of clients.

Total Bonus Value $1904.40


"Listen, 💗
The only language I speak fluently is English, so it can be a challenge to express what I feel in words, but I will do my best to give Kimtrece Ceasar and what she does, justice.

After my initial session, I felt something…open.

After our 2nd session, I felt something release.

I can’t explain it, but everything just felt different.

Her energy in reading your records and helping you realign is so potent, so pure, so… Genuine.

For me, at least, it helped me to make sense of who I am, some of the decisions I have made and why I move the way I do.

This, has been the opening and the catalyst to me accepting my Self and ALL parts of who I am… Including the “not-so-glorious” parts.

This is more than just “having your records read.” So much more…

You must be open and willing to experience something different.

Thank you Kimtrece." 

~ A’Tondra Vinchelle (Feminine Wellness Practitioner)

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The Divine Soul Blueprint
6 Month Consorting Session

Total Value $3650.10

yours for only 

A total of 15 Service Hours!

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